Private tours

Our personalized VIP Private Tours are entertaining, fun and educational, all within the comfort of our luxurious and latest model Minibuses or Vans. Our private tours are fully customizable to your schedule and liking. We can provide tickets to all the attractions along with a dynamic tour of the Island.

Private transfers

The private transfer will take you directly to your hotel, without any detours or stops along the way. No searching for a taxi, pushing in a crowded bus or train, simply a private transfer to start your holiday in a relaxing way. The same is true for your return trip to the airport.

Shuttle transfers

The advantage of a shuttle-bus transfer is that you have a reliable ride to your accommodation, at an affordable price. Besides that you don’t have to worry about how you are going to get there and you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

Another advantage of a shuttle-bus transfer is that it doesn’t depend on how many people you are travelling with. If you are travelling as a pair, or in a group of up to six, it doesn’t matter with this type of transfer because you will all fit into the vehicle. Another important point is the price.

Speedy Shuttle

As affordable as the shuttle service, but with shorter waiting times, less stops and smaller/faster vehicles. Ideal for short rides to and from the airport.